Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well here I am.

Sigh. Why do a blog (or is it "why blog")? I'm so two-thousand and late.

I think I am jumping on the blogwagon because I feel like so many of my "Deep Thoughts" are interesting. Well, interesting is strong...more like they may evoke the Seinfeldian "Hey! That's so true!" I have way too many of these to clutter up a facebook, and twitter was a swing and a miss for me (but maybe I'll figure it out in 5 years).

I guess I should have a reason for my blog. I have some friends who have great talents. They make stuff, they design beautiful spaces, they do crafts, they cook, they have style, and they make some great blogs. I have a teeny touch of all interests. I don't have too many refined skills, but I'm working on them.

I'm not sure I am going to be putting this "out there," but maybe.

If I do, I suppose this is where I introduce myself. When I read other people's 1st posts, they sum themselves up so succinctly. I am so much more complicated than that...haha. No--I'm not really very complicated at all. I spend my days working as a ___ rep (suffice it to say, I work with "the Public" so I'm paranoid someone will find me), my nights mommy-ing and wife-ing (and daughter-ing and sister-ing sometimes, too). In between all these tasks, I roam the open roads in a metallic mint-green minivan. And I have musings.

The Swaggerwagon (actually I google imaged it because I've never photographed my own minivan)

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